High quality equipment and high quality service!

GGB AB has a rock solid reputation as a trustworthy business partner! Our expertise and track record gives you access to the best in Swedish Rock processing competence.

Most of the equipment we sell on are owned by us but we also trade equipment. As your business partner we have the ability to find exactly the right equipment for your mining or rock processing project. GGB AB will give you high quality equipment and service that will give your investment the highest possibly return.
If you don’t find the equipment you are looking for at the website just give us a call. If we don’t have the equipment you need we have a broad network and will find it for you!

Sales Worldwide

A large proportion of sales are exported worldwide.  We can provide you with competence through the whole process, as well dismantling and transport as in assembly on site.

Experience & Skills

GGB AB’s experienced and skilled  engineers perform work on our own equipment, refurbishment of used equipment for sale, newly manufactured equipment for personal use and for sale, and undertakes repair and installation of machinery and equipment. Renovation and repairs are performed in the company’s own fully equipped workshop located at corporate headquarters in Wilhelmina, Sweden.

Crushing & Screening

GGB AB can, in company with our subsidiary AU Kross AB, perform crushing and screening operations (total production), on contract. The company cooperates and performs work for in example Skanska, NCC and Peab.